The 4 P's of a successful marketing strategy

The 4 P’s of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

When coming up with a digital marketing content strategy, we know what we want, which is: engagements, visitors, interaction and ultimately, conversions. But how do we get here? The end goal is clear, but the route there is nebulous, especially to the untrained marketer.

Pay attention to these four key principles, and you will cover the four fundamental pillars of any marketing strategy.

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promote


Identify what you’re selling to the consumer. Break it down into laymen's terms. If you can’t explain your product/service then you don’t truly understand it. Figure out whether your communication is clear and effective. Successful writing/communication isn’t about complexity, it’s about conveying complex information in a simple way so that others may understand it.

What does your product do? How is that good? Why would a customer want it? What problems would it solve for them? These are rhetorical questions you could ask, and then solve in the same piece of media.


Like the title suggests, how much does your product/service cost? Why is it worth this price? Consider the method of payment too. You should be aware of how the price might change their opinion on your product! This is why your language needs to be persuasive, and make less use of passive speech!


You need a place for potential customers to go to find out more about your product. This could be a website, a group page on social media, or a physical store! Ensure you’re making this information very clear and very accessible in your strategy!


How do your customers find out about you or your adverts? Is it through social media advertisements? PPC campaigns? Consider what strategies you might use! Whilst thinking about how you’re going to promote your campaign, think about your audience and where they ‘hang out’, such as groups on Facebook, ads on Instagram for a younger demographic.

So, next time you’re coming up with a marketing strategy, write down your four P’s first!

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