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If you're looking to get hands-on experience in digital marketing, whilst learning from some of the most talented people in the business, this is for you.

With a Swift DM apprenticeship, you'll get a full-time paid position, group and one-to-one training across all aspects of marketing, and a qualification at the end of it. Winner.

These days marketers need to be armed with the knowledge to build brands and convert customers, with the Swift DM apprenticeship, you'll get a deep dive into the principles of marketing and how to use the different channels most effectively to attract sales and engage your target audience. Alongside this you'll also be given training on coding and analytics so you can measure your work.

Learning as you go, we'll match you with a business who needs someone just like you to help accelerate their brand and you'll have the chance to put everything you learn into action, with the support of our digital trainers and of course, the other apprentices. If you're looking for an alternative to university or are looking for a way to get into the industry our apprentice roles are the perfect choice.


15 - 18 months


Free for apprentices





Who it is for:

Anybody who's looking for their break into marketing, from school leavers to University graduates, those who are employed and looking to re-skill, and everyone in between.

You will need 5 GCSE’s A*-C or equivalent including Maths and English in order to apply, as well as a desire to study and work in the digital marketing sector


  • BCS Level 3 Principles of Marketing
  • BCS Level 3 Principles of Coding
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification


Training Days

Delivered once a week for 15 weeks. The 15 tutor lead online training sessions cover the following topics:

  • 1
    Marketing Principles
  • 2
    Social Media Marketing
  • 3
    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • 4
    Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • 5
    Email Marketing
  • 6
    Content Marketing
  • 7
    WordPress & Principles of coding, including HTML/CSS/JS
  • 8
    Copywriting Essentials
  • 9
    Marketing Analytics
  • 10
    Emerging trends in Digital
  • 11
  • 12
    Personal Development in the Digital Marketing sector
  • 13
    Influencer Marketing
  • 14+
    Portfolio development & EPA preparation

Why Swift DM?

A track record of excellence

Outstanding client support

World class dynamic curriculum

Passionate, qualified mentors

Incredible sense of community

Swift offer direct one to one tuition with our qualified mentors.

Online lessons, every week for 15 weeks, covering all bases of Digital Marketing these lessons are created by us.

We host tech labs every week for candidates to come to our office for any support they need.

During my apprenticeship I've gained crucial information about marketing tools and techniques. I've also been able to listen to the ideas of my fellow digital marketing apprentices, giving me a look at what others were thinking and experiencing.

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