How an apprentice benefits your business - Interview with Abdikhedir Mohamoud - Chairman at Horn Trust Charity

Swift sat down with Horn Trust Chairman Abdikhedir Mohamoud earlier this month to highlight our Swift Digital Marketing apprentices' beneficial impact on the charity.

Horn Trust worked closely with Angry Apple Media. Swift digital apprentice Kara, who works for Angry Apple Media, worked alongside Abdi to create marketing material and manage their social media accounts. Swift was interested in hearing Abdi's side of the story and his experience with Swift Digital Marketing apprentices.

Abdi and Kara

My name is Abdi, and I am one of the trustees at Horn Trust. "

How did Horn Trust start?

Horn Trust started with me and my trustees to help asylum seekers, refugees, and families to be independent and help them with housing and whatever needs they need in their lives. "

Can you talk a little bit about what you do?

When asylum seekers come to the UK and apply for asylum, they wait in a hostel for a decision. Some get mentally sick because they are sitting in one room. They can't walk or anything, so we create big social clubs for them to socialise in. They can come in the morning and have coffee, go to the games area, watch TV, or go on the computer. They can kill time and then they can go back to the hostel to sleep. This is until they can get a decision on whether they can work; we help them step-by-step on how to get a job and how to apply for housing. "

The second part is that we help families with awareness of autism. We support families with workshops to make them professionals, educate them, and help them work with their children. Thirdly, we work with our community back home because every year they have dry land, short on rain. We try to build as much as we can, reforesting as much as we can. "

How did the work Kara created impact the charity?

It impacted it a lot. When we met Kara, our social media was not bad, but she improved it a lot so that people could see it more. She added so much content to show people what we do, our development, and what we do now. "

Kara totally revamped the Horn Trust social media feed

Can you tell us more about the sort of brief you gave Kara?

When we first met Kara, we told her about our struggles with social media. She explained how we could improve ourselves. Then I tell her it's always with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google. She puts everything together in one place and creates a nice image, so more people understand what we do. We wanted to create awareness for our charity. "

What is your opinion on apprentices?

It is really great to have an apprentice because having someone like Kara means you have someone putting out things that are good and people will see more. If you don’t have someone, you will put out information and not have anything come back. "

Do you think taking on an apprentice would benefit your charity?

I would take on an apprentice to work for my charity because when you have a charity, you are so busy running after other things, so you need someone who is looking at your social media. You can’t focus on everything. "

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