Employer Case Study - Paul from Angry Apple Media

Angry Apple Media

We asked Paul Wilcock from Angry Apple Media what he thought about his Swift Digital Marketing Apprentices Kara and Taylah ๐Ÿ˜โ €

Here's what he had to say.

โ €

How many digital marketing apprentices have you had with Swift?

"We currently have two apprentices."

Kara and Taylah

What has your experience with Swift been like?

"Really positive, both learners have been a fantastic asset to the team."

What changes have you seen since employing a Swift Digital Marketing Apprentice?

"The biggest change has been in our attitude towards learning as a whole, all of us are benefiting from learning new things. We have also seen a positive impact on workload and task management due to their contributions to client work."

Do you believe that Apprentices help businesses build sustainable futures?

"Yes massively, learning with us they will hopefully become key team members in the future."

Do you think the apprentices have become valued members of your business?

"Yes, absolutely."

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25th April

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