Maryam - Digital Marketing Apprentice at Swift

We spoke to one of our apprentices, Maryam, who has recently started her digital marketing apprenticeship. We wanted to find out how she's been getting on with her apprenticeship and settling in at work.

How did you find the process with Swift to guide you into an apprenticeship?

"The process from when I filled out my application to gaining employment was a very quick turn-around. Magda communicated with me through the process and accommodated to my circumstances, as I had limited availability. Liz at Swift was very informative and supported me to obtain my role with the apprenticeship."

"The team at Swift created a welcoming environment and overall communicated with me very well."

Why did you want to do an apprenticeship instead of going to university or further education?

"I chose to do an apprenticeship rather than a university further education as work-related experience can be very valuable when considering a career. An apprenticeship is a better suited route for me as it allows me to get a foot in the door of the sector that I would like to go into. Alongside the experience that I am gaining in my job role, I can also obtain several qualifications that will support my career rather than getting a degree and struggling to get a job due to lack of experience."

How do you think this apprenticeship will help you progress towards achieving a future career?

This apprenticeship will help me to progress and achieve a career in the future by providing me with an insight into the digital marketing sector. Throughout my job role I will be gaining valuable work experience to develop my skills in this sector, which will help me to gain a better understanding of which route I would like to specialise in as a digital marketer in the future."

What do you plan on doing after your apprenticeship & what do you aim to achieve?

"Once I have completed this apprenticeship, I hope to progress into a full-time role in digital marketing. I am to achieve a better insight into the digital marketing sector, by gaining my level 3 qualification and developing my skills further."

Do you know how the apprenticeship works?

"Yes, I understand that the apprenticeship runs for 15-18 months. Throughout this time I will be working in a digital marketing role as well as having virtual learning sessions which will support me to obtain my level 3 qualification."

Do you know what your role consists of?

My role consists of digital marketing for Swift Childcare and working alongside the apprenticeship co-ordinator on recruitment for the level 3 childcare apprenticeship for London. In terms of digital marketing, my role requires me to work on creating content for our website and across our social media pages such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok for Swift Childcare. I will also be working on managing our database on HubSpot and creating emails to send to contacts."

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