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Apprenticeship Employer Lisa

We asked one of our employers, Lisa, how she felt about her Swift Digital Marketing Apprentice, Maryam! Here's what she had to say ๐Ÿ˜  

How has your experience been with taking on your Swift Digital Marketing Apprentice [Maryam]?

"My experience of hiring Maryam has been easy, and she has been able to get up to speed and add value to our busy, growing team from day one."

Has the apprenticeship programme supported any growth elements in the business?

"Yes, we have been able to grow our database by 20% in about a month by the work Maryam has put in. This matters immensely in a small and newer business as we have to keep reaching new customers all the time in order to grow. MAryam's emails and posts have enabled us to reach new and existing customers with a professional, memorable message that resonates with them."

Do you think your apprentice has become a valued member of the team?

"Yes absolutely! Maryam has blended so well into our team it feels as if she has been working with us much longer, this is important because we are a small close-knit team that get on really well and have shared standards and goals."

What changes have you seen since hiring a Swift Digital Marketing Apprentice?

"It has freed up the team's time to be able to work on our own areas of day to day work. Maryam has been efficient in translating our ideas into powerful messages to attract our target market and to ensure our brand looks consistent, professional and easily recognisable."

Do you believe Apprenticeships build sustainable futures?

"Yes, Apprenticeships are a fabulous way to build your knowledge with formal training and to put that learning into a real-life career instantly in the role that you have. It makes your academic journey more meaningful as you test new skills on the job and builds a really attractive footprint for your future career as you have the academic and business knowledge which is a powerful duo."

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