Interested in social media? Don’t want to go to University? Here’s what you can do instead.

Is your school or college going too hard on the UCAS applications and personal statements? Do you think another option might be best suited to you? Would you rather not enter debt without even having a proper income yet?

If you have a desire to work with social media, graphic design or digital marketing, we have the solution for you. An alternative to University that holds only upsides, with no downsides, in the digital marketing sector.

These upsides are:

  • 15-18 months of full time, fully paid work
  • 3 Qualifications to help your career
  • Real work experience with a company you’ll enjoy
  • One to one mentorship and support

View our case studies to see our success stories!

View our candidates to see the people getting apprenticeships through us!

View our course information for more details on what a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship includes.

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25th April