Feedback from a learner

For the last few months, there were a lot of ups and downs by trying to take that first step into a career that I’d like to pursue in the future. Feeling defeated and almost losing hope but despite the long gaps where there was no further news regarding my career options, I pushed through trying to take little steps gaining experience wherever I can by taking up online courses which would help me build my confidence but also give me the crucial experience I need to be successful in my next steps.

By being introduced to the Swift team, I was able to have more options, to gain a better chance at starting an apprenticeship to practically learn and gain experience at the same time. Before I wasn’t aware of apprenticeships too much as I had never seen these as an option however I was proven that this method of learning and boosting my career perspectives are worth it. 

After completing the interview, I was immediately supported by Magda and Kash, being constantly in touch with updates and news. Despite the journey being long, they never lost hope in me and it motivated me to keep trying and being patient. 

There were moments of sadness and even worry but Magda was there whenever I needed reassurance. Long-awaited, my first interview for an apprenticeship came up and it was unsuccessful and yet I received good feedback, I was quite devastated on the day and again Magda and Kash were still with me and kept me going. I picked myself up the next day and started seeing things in a better light, I was starting my new Graphic design course and began to be proactive. However, when all hope was gone for the initial position that I had been rejected, I was given a second chance and an unexpected call from Magda which lifted me instantly and it shows that incredible things can happen.

I truly want to thank Swift and most importantly Magda and Kash for helping me with this journey, for believing in me and for never giving up on me.

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26th May

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