Asad - Digital Marketing Apprentice at Liquid Print

Can you talk a bit about the company you work for?

I work for a printing/graphic design company called Liquid Print who are trying to branch out into the marketing industry.

Why did you chose to do an apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship because it was an alternative to University. I wanted to gain experience as well as learning because experience is vital when it comes to applying for jobs. Another bonus is that you get paid along the way.

"This apprenticeship has benefitted me by allowing me to improve and develop my confidence, communication, phone call and a lot more skills."

What has changed since you first started working at Liquid Print?

When I first started I was mainly shadowing my colleagues, waiting for them to tell me what type of posts I could create that would appeal to their audience and how I could schedule the posts. Now I have the confidence to create posts independently and use different software's to schedule posts. I had conducted my own research to find out when is the best time to post on the different platforms.

When Emil joined, he gave us a lot more support and guidance alongside our online sessions that helped me progress throughout this course.

How do you think you have progressed?

I have progressed in the way where I've helped the business that I'm working for to spread their digital footprint across social media along with other platforms. I've improved my skills independently as well as getting help from my mentor Emil, who has guided me a lot through this one year course.

What have you enjoyed most about your apprenticeship?

I've enjoyed the fact that I've been able to brush up my skills which I was lacking in before. These are skills such as people and communication skills. The one skill I noticed I have improved on a lot is phone call skills. Before my apprenticeship I didn't really have that confidence to talk to customers over the phone. Over this last year I have developed and I can now pick up the phone and talk to customers over the phone.

"I'm really happy working in the company I am working with right now and after my apprenticeship I would love to to stay working here as a digital marketer."

What advice would you give other people?

I'd advise other people looking to get into an apprenticeship to research the main duties included in a digital marketing role. Also, have a look at some short online courses that could give you a better understanding of what digital marketing is so that you know whether this is actually something you are going to enjoy. I would recommend this apprenticeship to people who have just left school and are looking for an alternative route to university and college.

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20th January

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