Am I too old for an Apprenticeship? Digital Marketing

Is there an age limit to do an apprenticeship?

In short, no. An apprenticeship is intended as an entry-level position for those without experience in a given field. It's a very common misconception that apprentices are for young people, whereas there isn't an age limit whatsoever. Don't let age deter you from pursuing an apprenticeship; it's meant to be an easy access point into a sector you have no experience in.

How does age affect apprenticeship pay?

The generic apprenticeship minimum wage is £4.30 per hour (set to increase to £4.81 in April).

Many employers choose to pay more than the minimum wage. Some of the employers we work with pay up to £8 per hour. You can see vacancies here

After 12 months in an apprenticeship, the apprentice is entitled to the national minimum wage (see below).

23 and over
21 to 22
18 to 20
Under 18
April 2021 (Current Rate)
April 2022


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