A photograph of Brandon


From Kidsgrove

Brandon is a highly motivated and disciplined individual with experience in blog writing, marketing products, and customer interactions.

"Pre-covid I had always had a slight interest in digital marketing, constantly buying and selling things, regularly watching influencers online and writing content for friends whenever I had the chance. However, once Covid hit, it was a real eye opener that the world needed to evolve to move with the times. With a more than ever dependency on technology, I saw industries such as digital marketing explode. This was the kick I needed to do something about my career path. Having the ability to interact with people globally from your desk and influence so many people, showcasing top class content and brands to people worldwide is something that I am extremely passionate about. I have basic experience in blog writing for a business and marketing products personally on online sites, I just need an opportunity to kick start my career. I also have 5 years’ experience working in an office setting, dealing with customers and clients of varied importance."

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