Digital Marketing Salary UK - Everything you need to know

The digital marketing sector is growing, and with it, it's becoming harder to find concise breakdowns of job positions and their average wages. Roles vary, from social media management to digital marketing executives to SEO specialists and directors.

Let's break down the average wage for various digital marketing job roles. All information is according to Glassdoor. This information is specific to England, the UK.

Average Digital Marketing Salaries in the UK

Average base pay (per year, according to Glassdoor)
Digital Marketing (general)
Digital Marketing Executive
Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital Marketer
Junior Digital Marketer
Junior Digital Marketing Executive
SEO (general)
SEO Executive
SEO Specialist
Junior SEO Specialist
Junior SEO Executive
SEO Analyst
Junior SEO Analyst
Digital Marketing Analyst
Digital Marketing Coordinator
Digital Marketing Associate
SEO Content Writer
SEO Strategist
SEO Consultant
Social Media Manager
Social Media Coordinator £25,330
Social Media Assistant £21,907
Social Media Executive £25,000
Social Media Strategist £45,000
Content Writer £26,349
Content Manager £35,000
Content Specialist £31,984
Content Editor £27,973
Content Strategist £43,000
Content Marketing Manager £40,000
Writer £28,511
Digital Marketing Manager £40,000
Digital Marketing Director £77,480
Marketing Manager £40,000
Marketing Director £80,000
SEO Manager £39,041
SEO Director £54,000

All of these jobs are accessible in the career of a digital marketer. Fancy yourself a career in digital marketing, but don't have the experience to enter into the sector? Try an apprenticeship!

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